Welcome back!

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Welcome back!

After a disastrous event back in July, that meant losing all the content of my blog and a bit of myself with it, I am happy to welcome you back to its new beginning.

I feel it is time to show you how my new blog looks like, time to go back to writing, to sharing again. And yet, as usual, I feel far from ready.

Am I really ready? I wonder. Am I really ready to start sharing my feelings and thoughts again, to open up to the world and show how this nomad life I live in Asia is?

This 2014 has been and still is an incredible year for me. It has been the year that saw me get married, move to another continent, experience a military coup, quit a job I had put so many hopes on, and start building my own business.

2014 is a year where I have needed to be braver than ever before. Asia, to me, is a fascinating and unfamiliar place, so full of colors and odors and noise and lights that are at the same time wonderfully new and scarily alien.

I look around and almost everything I see is new, different, strange. From what I have for breakfast, to how I sleep, how I move around, how I say hello to people. I have even had to change how I dress to be able to feel comfortable.

My work/personal life balance is also completely new, as I navigate the challenging, fascinating and often lonely path of following my dreams.

Having my own little company and working on meaningful projects with people I admire has always been my dream. A dream I am now daring to try to realize, something I had always hoped to do. And something that is proving to be more difficult and more shattering than I could have ever imagined.

All in all, such a year of change. Such a year of loss and gain. Such a year of discovery. And so many feelings along the way. As one of my new neighbors said when we met, it is a roller coaster of a life here and I have to agree with him.

A roller coaster it is and a roller coaster it has been for me. And I wonder, I hope, will I be able to share so much with you on this blog? And then I realize I have to, for writing about how I feel here is really the only way I have to truly know.

And so I am back, and hope you are back with me too. A dear old friend recently asked about my blog, and said: Are you still writing on your blog? Have you closed it? I miss it. Reading it felt like talking to you for a while.

Well, I feel the same. And having this space back feels like being able to really communicate with you again, my friends, all the people I care for, all the people who care for me and all those to come.

No matter what time it is, no matter if you are sleeping when I write this, I already feel close to you knowing you will find my words waiting for you when you wake up. And that you will read them, and make comments, and later on mention which post you liked, which one moved you, which one did not. And I will feel that you are there, and that no matter how long it has been since the last time we met, no matter how far we live from each other, you are still there for me and we can still have one of our warming, inspiring, heart to heart conversations.

And this will make me feel closer to you for a little while.

And this will warm my heart.

Lots of love,


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