Things I have missed so much

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I am back in Spain now, after two intense last weeks in Bangkok where I finally managed to be home for a week (if you can call it that) and even got to enjoy my first meditation retreat in Thailand.

Being home was kind of a novel experience, after spending almost a month travelling. It is amazing how much I appreciated the little pleasures of staying at home: going to the market, cooking delicious Thai food, riding my bicycle again, meeting with friends, planning improvements for next year like my little terrace edible garden…

As I have always said, nothing helps me better appreciate what I have than to lose it for a while. When I come back to it, I see it with fresh eyes, feel new appreciation for it. I feel again grateful and I realize that even if I don´t fully feel at home yet, this is definitely a process that is slowly but surely happening.

On the other hand, my meditation retreat was such a pleasant surprise, surpassing any expectations I may have had. It was like my little present to myself, three days of total peace, relaxation and encounter in such a paradise place near Bangkok. It was a beautiful and really rewarding experience that I will soon write about, because I would like to share with you the fascinating insights I got on meditation, Buddhism and Thai hospitality.

But for now, the present.

I have been back to Spain for a couple of days and I still feel like a little girl let loose on a sweets shop 🙂

I am back and while I expected to rejoice in meeting my loved ones again, I am very surprised by how much I am delighting in experiencing all the other little things that I had missed so much.

The first surprise happened on my stop over at Helsinkin Airport. We landed with day light and I was just shocked to see snow again! Helsinki was all white and grey from the sky and my heart jumped with happiness, surprised at how much I had missed this wintery picture, after a year of never ending blistering and at times kinder summer.

Waiting at the gate for my connecting flight, I was startled by people speaking in Spanish. It felt so weird to understand everything they said, being so used by now to not understand what people say around me while I travel in Asia. Oh how I had missed this! I realised I really need to start taking Thai lessons as soon as I am back, I have had enough of this Lost in Translation experience.

I then arrived to Spain and felt impressed by almost everything. The sweet bitter cold, the incredibly light traffic on the highway, the unbroken wide pavements so luxuriously empty compared to Asia, since they are not to be shared with street food vendors, endless electricity poles and motorbikes. The autum colors and weather we still have, wearing a coat and boots again, feeling the cold air on my face while I walk on the familiar streets of my childhood. The incredibly harmonious buildings, the leafty green streets…

And there were more surprises waiting.

I have not driven a car in Asia yet but I have been riding my bike on the left for a year now. And this showed when I drove my back in Madrid again. I suddenly felt myself blocked at some crossing because my brain kept telling me all those cars were going in the wrong direction 🙂 When I realized what was happening I laughed so much! I have become a left-lane driver without even realizing it myself.

Oh well, there are worse things than that.

And I am just so happy and I feel so grateful by all I have.

I have a couple more days left in Madrid to continue enjoying my amazing apartment, family and friends. And then off to Alicante, where my other home and friends and love await, surely full of more delightful little pleasures to savour and enjoy.

It is Merry Christmas for now and see you soon my friends!


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  2 comments for “Things I have missed so much

  1. Volker Schmiedeskamp
    21 December, 2014 at 1:01 AM

    Have a great xmas and enjoy the time you have with friends and family !!!! Besos Volker

    • dianacs
      2 January, 2015 at 2:09 AM

      Thank you so much my dear Volker! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday time. A big big hug, Diana

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