The mommy guide to Bangkok

Close your eyes and picture this.

You are moving to Bangkok, in Thailand and you are terrified.

You don’t really know anybody there and yes, of course, you have visited it, and you loved it and you had fun but you are not a tourist anymore.

You are planning to call this city “home”.

However, you are not going to live in an island lounging around in the beach and sipping cocktails all day. You are going to live in a city populated by more than 14 million people, and where moving around, finding your way and navigating the every day life feels like the most alien thing you have ever done.

Sounds familiar? Well, have been there, have done that 🙂

I arrived when I was a newly-wed, not able to believe I had become a trailing spouse once again. The first days came and while my husband happily settled on his work, I pretty soon felt overwhelmed by how different a continent Asia is and by how difficult it was to do anything in Bangkok.

Where to live? Can you work? What about the paper work? Can you get a Visa if you are nor married? Is anybody happy to recommend a doctor? What about schools?

Now close your eyes again and add some little humans to this equation. Not long after moving I fulfilled my dream of getting pregnant, and the difficulty to settle down went up exponentially. How to be pregnant in Bangkok? How to move around with a baby? Will the baby melt in this weather? What about mosquitos? What stroller is going to work in these crazy pavements? Are there any support groups out there? How does this whole nanny thing work?

You get me by now right? You have been there too. When you become a mommy, it is not only about you anymore and the stakes feel so high, because they are. This is the more critical project you will ever manage and let’s face it, the mental workload is still most of the times on the moms.

You are the one thinking, worrying, preparing and planning and I want to make it easy for you. I eventually found my way to a Facebook mommy club and this was my salvation. I can now say that I went through it all and feel that not only I survived, I thrived and managed to enjoy every moment of my time on this daunting but magical city.I also realized that mommies do know best and do know it all. My group of moms was my personal alive and breathing Bangkok guide and I feel it is my duty to pass on all the mommy secrets to living and thriving in this city.

And this is what The mommy guide to Bangkok is, a fellow expat mama telling you wittily and efficiently all you need to know, always there to advise and ready to help.

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