De nuevo

Terminan dos meses maravillosos e intensos y mientras Valentina y yo esperamos el despegue de nuestro avión a Doha, pienso en lo rápido que pasa el tiempo, en todos los amigos que quería ver y no he visto, en todas las cosas que quería hacer y no he hecho. Pienso también agradecida en todo lo que si pude hacer y… Read more →

Two and a half months

Two and a half months. Two and a half months since I came back from Spain and I feel like it has been a lifetime. Two and a half months of finally living in Bangkok, not running away from this fascinating yet scary city. Staying put and looking at it in the eye, facing my fears, wondering what it is… Read more →

Monday blues

Monday. A new week starts after being sick for many days, unable to sleep due to this persistent cold I carried with me from Spain. My arrivals to Bangkok are always hard as it usually takes me 24 hours to get here from Spain and I can see my body is not so good as it once was at handling… Read more →


2014 has ended and it is only today, the first day of 2015, that I find time to sit down and write my yearly review, something that has become some kind of tradition for me. Every time I remember how much has happened in 2014 I understand my reluctance to write. Just thinking about it is overwhelming enough, how to… Read more →