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2014 has ended and it is only today, the first day of 2015, that I find time to sit down and write my yearly review, something that has become some kind of tradition for me. Every time I remember how much has happened in 2014 I understand my reluctance to write. Just thinking about it is overwhelming enough, how to… Read more →

Welcome back!

Welcome back! After a disastrous event back in July, that meant losing all the content of my blog and a bit of myself with it, I am happy to welcome you back to its new beginning. I feel it is time to show you how my new blog looks like, time to go back to writing, to sharing again. And… Read more →

Thailand arrival: culture shock

As I just sit here, in this crowded Starbucks, surrounded by people, people coming, people going, people drinking their coffees and checking their phones, as I sit here, waiting for my flight to Singapore to open, I realize how much my life has changed in the last three weeks. It is not the big obvious changes that startle me. I… Read more →